AviClear™ is the first laser treatment cleared by the FDA to treat mild to severe acne. It can reduce existing acne breakouts, then shorten and control future breakouts for clearer skin and fewer acne scars. Most people achieve results that last for months or longer.

People with acne have used the same topical and oral medications for many years. AviClear™ is the first recent breakthrough in acne management. It offers shorter, fewer, less severe breakouts so that you can enjoy more days without acne.

About AviClear™ Treatment

The AviClear™ laser works safely on all skin types and tones, even if you have a current acne breakout. It uses a 1726 nanometer wavelength laser to target your sebaceous glands. These sebum-producing glands keep skin healthy and resilient but can clog pores when they produce too much sebum. Excess sebum combines with dead skin cells and debris to obstruct your pores. The material trapped under the skin can become a target for bacteria and develop into painful bumps that can leave scars. 

AviClear™ stops the over-activity of the sebaceous glands. The glands absorb this wavelength of laser energy. It suppresses their ability to produce sebum. As a result, excess sebum no longer clogs your pores or provides a haven for skin bacteria.

AviClear™ treatment uses a cooling system and causes little to no discomfort, and most people do not need any kind of numbing. Sessions usually take about 30 minutes, and most people need three sessions to achieve their desired results. Each person’s skin responds differently, so you may need more sessions to see clear skin.

Benefits of AviClear™

AviClear™ offers those with acne a revolutionary new treatment option for clearing their skin. Topical medications can dry the skin and cause irritation, and oral medications can have unpleasant side effects, but AviClear™ works differently. It targets acne at the source, so you can stop sebum from clogging pores instead of fighting a never-ending battle against them.

Most people who had three AviClear™ treatments significantly improved their acne even months later. After treatment, you will see existing breakouts disappear. Your skin will produce less oil, and you should see fewer breakouts. You can expect them to be less severe and go away faster when they occur. This prevents the development of hard-to-treat acne scarring.


AviClear™ is meant for almost everyone with mild to severe acne. You may be a good candidate if you have not achieved the desired results with other treatments. You may also want to avoid the side effects of available treatments. AviClear™ works safely with most other acne treatments, so you can use any routine that gives you the best results. 

Most of those treated are still happy with their results after six months or more. Most people will benefit from occasional maintenance treatments to keep sebum production under control. You can expect long-term acne reduction, and you may go months without the breakouts you once had. 

You will not have any downtime after AviClear™. We recommend wearing non-comedogenic sunscreen at all times to protect your skin after any laser treatment. AviClear™ causes no damage to the skin, so you can resume your usual activities immediately. You may have some redness after treatment that fades within a few hours. 

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