How to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Many people get spider veins, making them feel unattractive and self-conscious about their skin. You may have tried everything you could to eliminate and prevent weblike veins, from at-home remedies to self-care practices like exercise. If these methods have not worked for you, it may be time to hand your spider vein problems over to professionals who know the most advanced ways to target and treat veins. 
Fortunately, Dr. Freda Cobbinah at Essential Med Clinic & Aesthetics can help! Dr. Cobbinah offers innovative laser technology to get rid of your unwanted spider veins so you can feel confident and comfortable in your skin again.

Laser Vein Removal San Antonio

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, also known as thread veins, are small, thin veins that often appear on the legs and feet. They are a moderate form of varicose veins but don’t usually bulge out like them. They can also occur on the face and sometimes on other parts of the body. Spider veins are usually red, blue, or purple and may look like a web or a bruise.

Spider veins can be unsightly and cause embarrassment. In some cases, they can also cause pain or discomfort. Spider veins are usually not a medical concern like varicose veins and do not require treatment. However, some people may choose to treat them for cosmetic reasons. Several treatments are available for spider veins, including laser therapy.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by valves in the veins that become damaged or weakened, which allows blood to flow backward and pool in the veins instead of flowing to your heart. This can cause the veins to become enlarged and twisted. The factors that contribute to spider veins include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity 
  • Prolonged standing
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormonal changes
  • Skin injuries

If spider veins or blood clots run in your family, you may have an increased risk of developing them. 

How to Eliminate Spider Veins

There are several ways to eliminate spider veins. For some people, lifestyle changes may be enough, such as exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Wearing compression stockings can also help to relieve spider vein symptoms, improve circulation, and prevent further progression of the condition. 

However, there are other faster and less invasive treatment options available to remove spider veins. At Essential Med Clinic & Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on offering an innovative laser vein removal treatment that will make your spider veins a thing of the past and give you smoother, clearer skin.

What is Laser Spider Vein Removal?

Dr. Freda Cobbinah understands that spider veins can make patients feel uncomfortable with their bodies. That’s why Dr. Cobbinah offers an effective laser vein removal treatment that will make you feel less self-conscious about the appearance of your veins. Laser vein removal is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that treats stubborn spider veins. 

Essential Med’s laser vein removal approach uses Cutera’s cutting-edge Xeo® and Excel® HR laser systems which combine long-pulsed Nd:YAG technology to close the blood vessels that cause visible, unwanted veins. 

Additionally, our laser vein removal technology targets and eliminates spider veins

What Are the Benefits of Laser Spider Vein Removal?

There are several benefits of our laser vein removal system, including:

  • No general anesthesia is required
  • No overnight stay is needed (for most cases)
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Minimal recovery time
  • The procedure is quick (around 30 minutes)
  • No scarring 
  • Mostly pain-free

If you’re still not convinced about the wonderful benefits of laser spider vein removal, check out our patient testimonials.  

What is Laser Spider Vein Removal Like?

Before your procedure at Essential Med Aesthetics, Dr. Cobbinah may inspect your spider veins and determine which types of lasers are best for your skin and needs. During your procedure, she will use laser energy to deliver highly concentrated beams of light to your spider veins to heat your blood vessels. To minimize discomfort, Dr. Cobbinah will use the device’s cooling function as she moves across your spider veins. 

Is Laser Spider Vein Removal Safe?

Essential Med’s spider vein removal system is safe for all skin types and tones. You may feel little discomfort and a tingling sensation during the procedure. After the treatment, you may temporarily experience some redness and swelling on your skin. 

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When Will I See Laser Spider Vein Removal Results?

You can expect to see results within a few weeks from treatment as your body gradually begins to remove the targeted, damaged cells, making your spider veins fade away. Your blood will travel to other nearby veins, clearing the treated areas for good. This process may take multiple months, but you won’t be seeing your spider veins again anytime soon.

How Long Do Laser Spider Vein Removal Results Last?

You’ll be happy to hear that the results of laser vein removal at Essential Med Aesthetics are long-lasting, as the laser treatment fully treats and removes your spider veins. However, the spider veins can return in the same areas during aging. You may also have a greater chance of developing them again if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Is There Any Downtime With Laser Spider Vein Removal?

Your skin may feel sensitive following the laser vein removal procedure. You may also feel some minor side effects. Some patients may need over-the-counter pain medication as they recover. However, you should be feeling back to normal within a week. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Spider Vein Removal?

If you want to eliminate your spider veins, laser vein removal may be the perfect treatment for you. However, patients with vascular problems may not be suitable candidates for laser vein removal treatments.

The best way to determine if our laser vein removal treatments are right for you and your skin needs is to schedule an in-person consultation with double-board certified Dr. Cobbinah at Essential Med Clinic & Aesthetics. 

I always feel listened to by Dr. Cobbinah. As a mom, this is important because we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. She reminds me to take care of myself whenever I visit. I typically leave feeling less stressed than before.

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