What is AviClear™?

If you struggle with acne, you may have tried a range of at-home and even prescription treatments to manage it. AviClear™ offers an innovative way to treat acne with long-lasting results. This effective laser treatment stops excess oil production for clearer skin and fewer breakouts. Most people see dramatically improved skin within just a few months. 

What is AviClear™?

AviClear™ is a 1726 nanometer wavelength laser designed to target the sebaceous glands in your skin that produce oil. Acne occurs when excessive oil or sebum combines with dead skin cells and bacteria to create breakouts. These breakouts may be triggered by hormones, stress, and other factors, but they often appear for no apparent reason. Acne often appears in your teenage years due to hormones but can continue even as you age. 

AviClear™ offers a fast, comfortable way to control acne without the side effects of medications. It also works well for people who have not achieved relief with other acne products. At Essential Med Aesthetics, we are one of the first providers in the area to offer this treatment. If acne breakouts bother you, visit us and learn more about this innovative acne control technology. 

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How Does AviClear™ Work?

AviClear™ works by using laser energy to target your sebaceous glands. These glands produce the oil that keeps skin soft and flexible but can become over-active. The excess oil provides food for bacteria that can cause inflammation and swelling. AviClear™ uses a wavelength of energy that affects the sebaceous glands without harming the skin. 

This energy targets and heats the sebaceous glands, damaging them and limiting their ability to produce sebum. AviClear™ can dramatically reduce oil production to leave you with smoother, clearer skin. Even better, it will continue to reduce breakouts for months into the future. With occasional maintenance treatments, most people can maintain clearer skin indefinitely. 

What Are the Benefits of AviClear™?

AviClear™ has significant benefits, especially for people who have not found relief from acne with other methods. Anyone with mild to severe acne can see fast, effective results. We are pleased to make this revolutionary option available for those struggling with acne. 

Works With Other Treatments

Since AviClear™ is not a medication, you can use it with many other acne treatments, including prescriptions like Accutane. AviClear™ and other therapies can combine results to help manage even stubborn and persistent acne. An individualized plan using AviClear™ can treat even severe or treatment-resistant acne. 

A New Approach to Acne

Dermatologists have hailed AviClear™ as the first breakthrough in acne management in decades. Other treatments, especially for severe or resistant acne, may require ongoing treatments or prescriptions with unpleasant side effects. AviClear™ revolutionizes acne management. 

Stops Acne Scarring

The results of acne can linger for a lifetime. Acne scars can make skin look rough and uneven and can be difficult to treat. AviClear™ minimizes acne that leads to skin damage. As a result, you can look forward to a future with minimal scarring. 

Avoid Prescriptions

Prescription acne medications like Accutane use a strategy similar to AviClear™ in that they control oil production. AviClear™ only treats the problem area, but oral medications have side effects throughout your body. AviClear™ makes an excellent option for those who prefer to avoid prescription medications. 

Am I a Good Candidate for AviClear™?

Almost anyone with acne makes a good candidate for AviClear™. Because it targets sebaceous glands instead of pigments, it works safely for all skin tones. Ideal candidates for AviClear™ are looking for a safe, medication-free way to treat acne. We recommend AviClear™ for almost anyone seeking effective acne control. There are very few limitations on who can have AviClear™, but we recommend a consultation to ensure it is a good option for you. 

What is AviClear™ Treatment Like?

Before your AviClear™ treatment, we will cleanse your skin to prepare it. The AviClear™ handheld device is moved over your skin. Some people report tingling or warmth, but in general, they do not need any numbing. Sapphire cooling technology maintains your skin’s comfort. Treatment usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. Treatment is gentle enough for irritated, acne-prone skin. You can immediately leave and return to work or your usual activities with little to no skin irritation. 

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How Effective is AviClear™?

Most acne management requires an ongoing commitment to continue seeing results. We recommend three treatments for maximum results. After this series of treatments, you will start to see significant acne reduction. Breakouts happen less often, are less severe, and go away more quickly. To boost the effectiveness of AviClear™, you may wish to keep using your over-the-counter or prescription skincare products. Many people can stop prescription acne medications after AviClear™. 

How Much Does AviClear™ Cost?

AviClear™ has been FDA-cleared since March 2022. Since it has only recently started to appear in practices, reasonable estimates are not yet available. We recommend scheduling a consultation so we can discuss how many treatments you will need and what you can expect to pay. Comparing the cost of AviClear™ with the ongoing expenses of acne products and treatments can help you save money in the long run. 

What Results Will I See With AviClear™?

Most people will see their best results with a series of three treatments, but your needs may vary. After your first treatment, you may experience a “purge” period of breakouts. These will lessen after the second session and may not happen at all after the third. Most people see improvements within a few months of treatment. Full results will appear within about six months. 

You will see breakouts happen less often, and when they occur, they will be less severe and stop more quickly. After six months or more, most people still feel very satisfied with their results. Most people will benefit from an occasional maintenance treatment, but the timing depends on how your skin responds.

Is There Any Downtime with AviClear™?

Because AviClear™ affects your sebaceous glands but not your skin, it requires no downtime afterward. You can return to your usual activities immediately. Any redness will fade within a few hours. As with any laser treatment, AviClear™ will make your skin very sensitive to the sun. You must wear sun protection and avoid sun exposure. We can assist acne-prone patients with finding a non-comedogenic sun protection product. 

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