How Effective is Body Contouring?

Even the healthiest people have areas of stubborn fat that refuse to budge. Whether your body stores fat around the abdomen, thighs or even under the chin, you can eliminate it without surgery. Body contouring with truSculpt® ID removes unwanted fat and tightens loose skin. It lets you achieve the slimmer, more sculpted figure you hope to see. 

What is Body Contouring With truSculpt® ID?

Non-invasive body contouring uses different types of energy to eliminate fat cells. Your Essential Med Aesthetics team offers truSculpt® ID, which uses radiofrequency energy. This treatment uses heat that disrupts fat cells, allowing your body to remove them. Body contouring with truSculpt® ID requires no incisions and causes no injury to the skin. 

Unlike most other body contouring methods, truSculpt® ID also tightens skin to improve the appearance of the treated area after fat removal. Radiofrequency triggers your skin to produce more collagen and tightens existing collagen fibers. These effects make the treated area look smoother and more sculpted. Most other methods of non-invasive body sculpting do not provide this benefit, leading to skin laxity in the treated area. 

*Individual Results May Vary

How Does truSculpt® ID Work?

The truSculpt® ID system uses radiofrequency energy, often used to firm and smooth the skin and improve overall skin health. It works because radiofrequency energy targets the fat cells under the skin. At the same time, it keeps the skin at a comfortable temperature. Your fat cells absorb this energy as heat, damaging them and preventing them from storing fat. Fat cells do not feel anything, so this process is quick and comfortable. 

Unlike liposuction, which requires incisions to remove excess fat, truSculpt® ID relies on your lymphatic system. This system is designed to filter away materials like damaged cells. It removes the treated fat cells over time without discomfort or any effort on your part. This process takes time, so truSculpt® ID results do not appear immediately. This method allows fat removal without surgery, and most people find it worth waiting a few weeks to see results. 

How Effective is Body Contouring?

Non-invasive truSculpt® ID is highly effective for removing stubborn pockets of fat. Each truSculpt® ID treatment can remove up to 24% of fat from the treated area. Most people only need a single treatment to achieve their goals. However, some people may choose to have another treatment to remove even more fat. Each person will respond differently to treatment and has different amounts of fat stored in their problem areas. Each additional treatment can remove up to 24% more fat from the targeted area. 

What are the Benefits of Body Contouring with truSculpt® ID?

You have many body contouring options, but we provide truSculpt® ID for many reasons. Some of the benefits people enjoy with this treatment method include:

  • No surgery or incisions
  • More comfortable than other body contouring treatments
  • Effective fat removal
  • Triggers collagen production to tighten skin
  • Produces more contouring and sculpting than other treatments
  • Long-lasting results
  • Most areas take about 15 minutes to treat
  • No need to take days off work to recover
  • No limits on your activities after treatment

The ability to trigger collagen production and tighten skin sets truSculpt® ID apart from most other non-invasive body sculpting techniques. Removing excess fat results in volume loss under the skin, and you may see skin laxity as a result. We address this concern with truSculpt® ID and its ability to tighten and firm the skin. As a result, treated areas look slimmer and have better contours than they would with related body sculpting treatments. 

What is truSculpt® ID Treatment Like?

We recommend arriving for your truSculpt® ID treatment wearing comfortable clothes that allow easy access to the treatment area. Your Essential Med Aesthetics provider will place the applicators onto your skin. They will emit radiofrequency energy, which feels warm but not unpleasant. Other body contouring treatments can be uncomfortable, but truSculpt® ID allows you to relax and feel no discomfort during treatment. In most cases, your treatment takes about 15 minutes, and you are free to leave afterward. 

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What Results Will I See From Body Contouring?

Your truSculpt® ID results will not be visible immediately. You may notice changes within a few weeks as your body removes treated fat cells. Full results take about three months to develop. While most people are happy with the results of a single treatment, others may want a second one to achieve their desired level of body sculpting. You will notice that the treated areas look visibly slimmer and tighter.

Fat cells do not grow back, so your truSculpt® ID results can last a lifetime. However, your results can change if your weight changes and the remaining fat cells store more fat. We recommend a healthy lifestyle to keep your results looking slim and sculpted.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring With truSculpt® ID?

Most people make good candidates for non-invasive body contouring. Radiofrequency is widely used in aesthetic treatments and is safe for all skin types and tones. Good candidates for truSculpt® ID have reasonable expectations and want to target specific areas of problem fat. People see their maximum results when they are close to their goal weight. However, others can still see benefits from treatment in targeted areas. 

Good candidates for truSculpt® ID should understand that non-invasive treatments will not achieve the same level of fat removal as surgical procedures. They should also understand that truSculpt® ID is not a weight loss procedure. While it does remove fat, it will not help you achieve a healthy weight. All body contouring treatments work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Your Essential Med Aesthetics team can help you with a medically supervised weight loss plan if you would benefit from this assistance. 

Is There Any Downtime After Body Contouring?

Non-invasive treatment with truSculpt® ID does not require any downtime. You can return to your usual activities immediately. Your skin may look flushed and feel warm for up to a few hours after treatment. You should not experience any discomfort and can resume all your usual activities, including exercise. Many people have this fifteen-minute treatment on a lunch break and return to work on time. The lack of downtime has helped to make non-invasive body contouring a popular way to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted figure. 

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